Adata DashDrive Durable HD650 - 4TB External Hard Drive

₨ 17,550.00 Ex Tax: ₨ 17,550.00

The HD650 is back stronger and bigger than before. Its impact-absorbing rubber coating and three-layer construction make it extremely durable to protect your contents, all while looking cool. We now offer it in three colors: blue, black, and red. Cap...

Adata HD700 - 1TB External Hard Drive

₨ 9,126.00 Ex Tax: ₨ 9,126.00

The HD700 is professionally-crafted to be a durable external hard drive for your most demanding experiences. It uses supremely-tough silicone that offers military-grade shock resistance, and is officially IP56 water and dustproof certified. To t...

Adata UC350 Switchable USB Type-A and Type-C - 32GB Flash Drive

₨ 1,580.00 Ex Tax: ₨ 1,580.00

ADATA presents the new-generation, dual standard connector UC350 Flash drive, which brings you major steps forward in data convenience and performance. It's USB 3.1 for the fastest transmission speeds, and even better, we've built it with both a regu...

Adata Ultimate SU800 M.2 2280 - 256GB

₨ 8,250.00 Ex Tax: ₨ 8,250.00

Utilizing 3D NAND Flash and a high speed SMI controller, the compact Ultimate SU800 M.2 2280 solid state drives provides capacities up to 1TB and greatly enhances performance, efficiency, and reliability over traditional 2D NAND. It also comes with i...

Adata Ultimate SU800 SSD - 256GB

₨ 7,480.00 Ex Tax: ₨ 7,480.00

The SU800 solid state drive lives up to its Ultimate name with 3D NAND Flash that provides higher storage density, efficiency, and reliability than traditional 2D NAND. It features intelligent SLC caching and a DRAM cache buffer to boost read/write p...

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